Membership Opportunities

Your organizational and individual partitipation in HPP's efforts could literally save the lives of millions of Haitians living under extremely oppressive economic conditions. The current human rights abuses have devastated the lives of the average citizen in Haiti. The inhumane conditions force mothers and fathers underground, making them unable to provide for their families. This coalition intends to make a visible impact in the lives of the Haitian people, by exposing their plight to the world and once and for all changing the very core of politics in Haiti and its image around the world.

HPP provides different types of membership categories to accommodate organizations that wish to participate and contribute to the dire needs of the Haitian people's struggle. Individuals who wish to assist the coalition on its endeavor may do so by joining one or more of the working groups to help expedite the works, however, no individuals name will be listed as official members of the coalition. You may opt to select one or more of the following membership level.

  • The Coordinating Committee participates in regular conference calls to coordinate the Coalition's activities and oversees the working groups.
  • The Fundraising Committee may include all of the above participants in addition to other organizations raising funds on behalf of the Haitian Priorities Project to support the operating budget and future projects supported by the Coalition.
  • Working Groups (Congressional Action, Rapid Response, Outreach and PUblic Education, and the Action/Demonstration) develops and implements initiatives as deemed necessary.
  • Advisory Council includes individuals and organizations that may lend their names to the coalition, and if available, speak at press conferences, or prepare pieces for publication.
  • Action Network members support our initiatives by signing our agenda and participating in Coalition actions.

Membership to HPP is free to all...but we encourage members to do their best to help support and sustain the work of the coalition. Let's be the voice of the voiceless and help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Haitians.

Join us in saying NO to human rights abuses and failed policies in Haiti by completing your membership form TODAY!